Trips to origin mean we ensure that what we value is being protected in every step of the process. We value dignified trading practices, we value opportunity for women, we value quality in our products, and we value products that come from sound ecological practices.
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Colombia's Chocoshow Chocolate Event from November 25th-27th.
Learn about our work to preserve heirloom cacao varieties that help us better understand and preserve the botanic history and flavor diversity of the plant that brings us chocolate.
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Experience chocolate a whole new way! Learn the basics of how to taste chocolate so you can plan your own chocolate tasting adventure at home. 

“Why do you do this?” asks Julia, a fun-loving, well-traveled woman from North Carolina who joined us on our most recent chocolate delegation to Ecuador. She was referring to the group trip itself - why do we lead these group tours when it’s obviously not a money-making endeavor?