WE BELIEVE IN LOCAL: Chocolate made with the flavors of northwest Michigan.

Our corner of the world here in northwest Michigan holds a bounty of locally grown and produced foods. In fact, Michigan is second only to California for the diversity of agricultural commodities we produce as a state. While we can’t grow chocolate here in northern Michigan, we source as many local ingredients as possible for our confections. 

We love that supporting farms and businesses in our community makes our treats taste even better! But it isn’t just that, many of the folks we source ingredients from are our friends and neighbors. Working together with them makes all of our businesses better and brings wonderful friendships into our lives.  Pouring as much money as we can back into the place we call home, as well as small family farms across the globe, is what fuels us!

Find ingredients from the following businesses in our products:

Alchemy Farms

Boss Mouse Cheese

Chateau Chantal

Cherry Capital Foods

Farmers Creamery

Food For Thought


Graceland Fruit

Great Lakes Tea & Spice

Great Lakes Potato Chips

Higher Grounds Trading Co

Iron Fish Distillery

Light of Day Organics

Naturally Nutty

Northstar Organics

Omena Organics

Oryana Food Co-op

Sleeping Bear Farms

Sleeping Bear Orchards

Stillwater Farm

Storm Cloud Brewing