Trips to origin mean we ensure that what we value is being protected in every step of the process. We value dignified trading practices, we value opportunity for women, we value quality in our products, and we value products that come from sound ecological practices.
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Colombia's Chocoshow Chocolate Event from November 25th-27th.
Twenty entrepreneur minded farmers gather around an old bench in Padilla, Valle del Cauca, Colombia. The splintered wooden slabs that usually serve as seats are currently supporting 15 cacao pods. The pods are covered in tough skin and have a variety of tones ranging from brown, red, green, and even purple.
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Walk into any deli or bakery and you’re sure to find what can easily be considered a sweet tooth’s best friend: chocolate chip cookies. But much like with the clothes you put on this morning, you are perhaps impervious to the story that the chocolate chips are telling you through the glass counter. Lucky for you, here at GDC we speak chocolate, and we want to share with you the story that those delicious chocolate morsels are melting for you to know.
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Over the past several days I've been tasting 16 samples of liquor and chocolate per day for an exciting project - the expansion of the Latin American Cocoa Flavor map.

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In these times of marvelous human invention - putting a man on the moon, exploring the depths of the ocean and communicating almost instantaneously with someone across the globe - our intellect as a species seems limitless. Yet, incredibly, we still haven't figured out how to live together in harmony.
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Learn about our work to preserve heirloom cacao varieties that help us better understand and preserve the botanic history and flavor diversity of the plant that brings us chocolate.
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Experience chocolate a whole new way! Learn the basics of how to taste chocolate so you can plan your own chocolate tasting adventure at home. 

With miles of gorgeous country roads, epic coastlines, incredible wineries and orchards, and really great chocolate, Leelanau county is the perfect place to soak in northern Michigan’s colorful fall season. Whether your style is more sit and sip or get out and hike, there is a way to immerse yourself in the Leelanau Peninsula fall colors. Here are our favorite ways to explore fall in the county and beyond.
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We've been closed this week to do our part to help reduce the spread of the virus, especially when we learned of an outbreak at our beloved USPS in southern Michigan, and to give our small staff a well deserved break after a very busy Easter (thank you so much for all the orders!).
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