The Hummingbird Truffle: From Tree to Tummy

Hi all! My name is Emily Sherwood and I am currently a senior at Sewanee University studying Environmental Sustainability with a focus on sustainable food systems. I have been working at Grocer's Daughter for four summers and am continually inspired by their values as a business and unique sourcing practices (not to mention super delicious chocolate). Working at the shop I have had a chance to really get to know all of the innovative stuff Jody and DC are doing with chocolate sourcing, local partnerships, and sustainability and I wanted a chance for all of our customers to have that knowledge as well. I thought that a platform I had recently learned about called "map stories" could be a fun and effective way to have a chance to give our customers a more intimate look into the business, particularly in regard to sustainability and ethical sourcing. I would love for you all to take a look at the map story, which follows the production journey of our Hummingbird Truffle. Thank you and see you at the shop!