Our Values

Radically Sustainable & Delicious

Using clean, local and ethically traded ingredients, we aim to make some of the tastiest confections on the planet. From how we source our chocolate to where we dispose of our coffee grounds, we do our best to be thoughtful stewards of all the resources we touch.

Relentlessly Curious & Resourceful

We are students of chocolate and we prioritize learning all we can about our craft. We value creativity in solving problems and we make the most of the resources we have available to us.

Building a Welcoming & Diverse World

We acknowledge that we are one human family and we actively practice humility and empathy in decision-making. GDC is a safe place to be yourself, to learn and to grow.

Boldly Serve & Lead

We lead by serving and hope to provide an example for other small businesses to follow. Ongoing education and personal growth is vital to service and leadership.

Spread Joy. Have fun!

At Grocer's Daughter Chocolate we strive to serve up a dose of happiness in every bite. Sharing chocolate is our love language!