The GDC Truffle Brownie Recipe is HERE

October 31, 2017

The GDC Truffle Brownie Recipe is HERE


We've been getting loads of requests for our brownie recipe lately and we're happy to <finally> share it with you.

A few notes.

If made in a square/rectangular pan, you can cut the brownies into cute bite-size squares and be the hit of the party. If you choose to use mini-cupcake forms, make sure you don't over bake them. Pull them out of the oven when moist crumbs stick to your toothpick.

We layer the brownies with our ganache frosting but they are perfectly delicious without it.

We LOVE the crunch of the nibs but if they're not your thing, leave them out.

And here's a link to our Chocolate Pantry Kit, complete with all the ingredients you need to make these brownies.

with 70% dark chocolate, natural cocoa powder and roasted cocoa nibs
Yield: 24 cupcake size brownies OR (2) 11x17 pans of brownies; half recipe works great too!

INGREDIENTS Dark Chocolate - 354 g/12.5 oz/2 heaping cups of discs
Butter - 339 g/12 oz/3 sticks

Sugar - 675g/23.5 oz/3 1/3 cup
Egg Yolks - 3
Egg - 6
Vanilla - 2 1/4 t

Flour - 203g/1 1/4 cup
Salt - 3/4 t
Cocoa Power - 135 g/1 1/3 cup

OVEN: Heat to 325 F.
BOWL/DOUBLE BOILER: Carefully melt chocolate and butter using 30 second increments at half power on the microwave or a double boiler (a bowl set atop a sauce pan of simmering water works fine). Chocolate temperature should not exceed 125 F. Stir until fully emulsified. Allow to cool to 90 F.
MIXER (Medium - High Speed): Mix yolks, eggs and sugar until light and thick (approx 3 mins).  Mix in vanilla at end.
MIXER (Slow Speed): add in the chocolate and butter emulsion.
MIXER (Slow Speed): Incrementally incorporate the flour, salt and cocoa powder. (about 3 mins)
SCOOP: Scoop batter into muffin forms. If using silicone, no need to oil. If using metal, butter your pan.
Sprinkle batter with nibs.
OVEN: Bake at 325 F for 30 minutes. Rotate halfway through.



Chocolate - 210 g/1.5 cups discs
Heavy Cream - 238 g/1 cup

SAUCE PAN: Warm cream until it simmers. Pour over chocolate. Let sit until temperature reaches 90. Whip with hand mixer for 3-4 minutes.
*If you prefer a sweeter frosting, add 1/4 cup sugar to the cream has it simmers and make sure it fully melts before pouring over chocolate.
Pipe or spread on brownies.     


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