Chocolate Discs (choose origin & percentage)

9 oz Resealable Rice Paper Package - Great for nibbling, baking or candy-making! Select between four distinct Ecuadorian origins with varying percentages of cacao plus a 43% milk chocolate and pure white chocolate. Here are your options along with their flavor notes.

81% Calceta: Dried red fruit & floral aroma

70% Los Rios Virgin (flash-roasted only for a raw cacao flavor):  Raisins & jasmine

70% Manabi: Red fruit & woody

55% Puerto Quito: Maple & dates

58% Plant-based Milk Esmeraldas: Tropical fruit, coconut, and butterscotch

43% Milk Esmeraldas: Sweet cream & vanilla

33% White Chocolate: Less sweet than most white chocolate and buttery.

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