Chocolate Ganache Shortbread Cookie Recipe

Shortbread cookies on a white platter

Our team wanted to find the perfect holiday cookie to share with you this month, something a little different than the classics, easy to flavor in your favorite way, and simple to make yet impressive to look at. And of course, they had to highlight some chocolate! These chocolate ganache filled shortbread cookies hit all the marks. 

We know, they look and sound pretty fancy. But these can be made without specialized kitchen tools and we already know one person who was intimidated at the start but found they came together very easily! 

First, choose a variety to make, or come up with your own original version, flavoring the ganache and or the cookies! A dark chocolate will balance the sweetness of the shortbread cookies, so we all opted to go that route!

  • Classic Ganache: Aubrey kept it simple with a purely chocolate ganache using our 70% Los Rios which is flash roasted for a raw cacao flavor of raisins and jasmine. She paired the ganache with shortbread flavored with maple extract instead of vanilla. 
  • Holiday Peppermint: Christina went for a classic holiday flavor by making a peppermint ganache. She used our 64% Fortaleza which has a delicate flavor and 1/2tsp peppermint extract, stirred into the ganache after the chocolate melted. To add a little color and flavor, she topped the cookies with finely crushed peppermint candy canes. 
  • Earl Grey Mandarin: Jody added 1 Taza Earl Grey tea bag (but if you can get Cream Earl Grey for Light of Day Organics or Maritime Mist from Great Lakes Tea and Spice, even better. Use 1 TBSP bulk tea steeped in the cream) to the cream while it slowly simmered, and gave the tea bag one good squeeze before pouring the cream over the chocolate. She also added 2 TBSP of fresh mandarin juice. She chose to use our 85% virgin chocolate (low sugar, very cocoa forward with flavors of nibs and fruity fermentation).  She topped the cookies with a generous amount of fresh mandarin zest, giving the cookies an extra burst of citrus and sweetness. 
  • Notes on cutting the cookies: You can use a circular cookie cutter or biscuit cutter to cut the cookies, or simply use the top of a glass dusted in flour. Create the indent with the bottom of a glass. A shot glass works well for small cookies (you can even use the top of the shot glass to cut the circles and the bottom to indent them)! 

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    Shortbread Cookies: 

    1 cup (8oz) unsalted butter 

    ¾ cup powdered sugar 

    1tsp vanilla 

    Pinch of salt 

    2 cups all purpose flour


    150g chocolate 

    75g heavy cream 

    Flavoring of your choice


    1. Preheat the oven to 360 F
    2. Cream the butter, sugar, vanilla and salt using a stand mixer fitted with a paddle, hand mixer or a strong arm! Scrape down the bowl a few times while creaming. 
    3. Add the flour, one cup at a time, mixing until it just comes together. 
    4. Turn the bowl out onto a clean counter and use your hands to gather up the dough, gently pressing it into the ball. 
    5. Lightly flour the counter and roll the dough out to between ⅛ and ¼ inch thick. 
    6. Cut the dough into small circles.See notes on options for cutters and tools to indent the cookies. 
    7. Place the cookies on a parchment covered baking sheet then use the bottom of a glass to gently indent the centers, doing your best not to crack the sides. 
    8. Gather dough scraps and roll out once more, cutting and forming the cookies. 
    9. Freeze cookies for about 10 minutes before baking.
    10. Bake for about 12-14 minutes, until the edges just start to slightly brown. 
    11. While the cookies are baking, make your ganache. Heat cream to a gentle simmer and pour over chocolate. Let sit about 30 seconds, then stir until the chocolate has melted completely. See our notes above about flavoring your ganache! 
    12. Immediately upon removing from the oven, use your glass to press down on the centers again, to ensure the indent remains. Slide parchment and cookies onto a cooling rack. 
    13. Once the cookies have cooled, and the ganache is a pourable room temperature, assemble the cookies. Use a small spoon to fill the indent on each cookie with ganache. Top with crushed candy, citrus zest, nuts, etc if you wish! 
    14. Let cookies set at room temperature for a few hours to set.

    Let us know if you try out this recipe and tag us on social media to show us what you created!