Saturday March 12th: All Sales Support Ukraine

​​​​**UPDATE - Thank you! We raised $10,000 for Ukraine!**

The three organizations we'll be donating to:

In these times of marvelous human invention - putting a man on the moon, exploring the depths of the ocean and communicating almost instantaneously with someone across the globe - our intellect as a species seems limitless. Yet, incredibly, we still haven't figured out how to live together in harmony. And it's painful to watch as innocent people's lives are destroyed by an ego-driven madman. Our hearts go out to all of those afflicted by this unnecessary war being waged by Russia. We'll continue to uplift Ukraine in our hearts and we're happy to pass along a day of sales to help the cause! It’s the least we can do to share a slice of our privilege. 💚​​​​​​​​