4pc Winter Truffles: Home for the Holidays

Introducing our 2023 winter holiday collection! This limited edition box contains four nostalgic seasonal truffles, each designed by a member of our chocolate production team to pay homage to their favorite holiday traditions.

Mexican Hot Cocoa

Winter in Arizona wasn’t often “cold”, but anytime temperatures dropped and Christmas lights came out, it was an excuse to bundle up and make some hot cocoa. Some of my favorite Christmas memories are watching my mom make Mexican Hot Cocoa on the stovetop to take mugs to-go and see drive through Christmas lights.

Pineapple Pistachio “Ambrosia"

This truffle is based off of those 1950s “salads” that are mostly whipped cream, marshmallows, and pistachio pudding mix with a generous amount of crushed pineapple. It was a staple at every family holiday meal, and I can’t taste the flavors without being transported back to my childhood.

Grapefruit Sage Caramel

Our big Christmas meal was breakfast that often served 20+ people. It was a buffet of french toast, sausage, orange juice, and freshly peeled grapefruit. My grandmother lovingly peeled each segment by hand so that only the pink remained. She did this every year for all of us, even when the juice would seep into a cut of squirt her eye. Never complaining, always with love.

Speculaas Cookie

I made this truffle in the spirit of those special childhood holidays we spent with my mom's Dutch family in Utrecht, The Netherlands. I recreated my favorite crispy spiced cookie that tastes like Christmas markets and ancient buildings that reek of the spice trade.

*Please note, all our truffles have a three week shelf life. Our honey caramels, on the other hand, have a three month shelf life.

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