NEW! 2-day Kiddos Chocolate Camp

2 days of choco-love for your littles! Come once or twice, it's up to you! Each day will feature a 2 hour session with a craft, a chocolate class and a chance for chocolate making (there may even be enough treats to share). Join us for our very first chocolate camp from 10am to 12pm July 16-17, 2018.

Monday - Tree to tummy. Bean to bar. Fruit to fudgesicle? Did you know chocolate comes from a fruit? Learn about the Cacao Tree and it’s fruit, the cacao pod and get hands-on with a cacao pod craft. How does chocolate go from fruit to the delicious treats in front of you? We’ll talk through harvest, post harvest production and chocolate production before going into a production of our own: fudgesicles!  

Tuesday - Beyond the bar. How has the way we use chocolate changed over time and around the world? What role does a little shop like ours play in the world of chocolate? Let’s talk about how chocolate moves throughout the world and explore a few more uses for chocolate as we make choco-play dough and bake some sweet treats! Each kiddo will create their own label, we'll print 'em up to package the chocolate treats we create.

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