Iron Fish Distillery | Grocer's Daughter Chocolate Pairing Bundle

We've paired 4 of our single province, direct trade dark chocolate bars with Iron Fish Distillery's fantastic spirits. You can purchase the bars then head over to Iron Fish Distillery to purchase their spirits. Here's your guide to the tasting:

1. Bourbon Whiskey finished in Maple Syrup Barrels- 85% Los Rios Virgin Chocolate
The Bourbon Whiskey rounds out the tannins of this dark, virgin chocolate, leaving a creamy finish and notes reminiscent of maple (of course) and butterscotch. Flavor notes of dried fruits like fig and raisin arise and then we're left with a clean finish.

2. Four Cask - 70% Manabi
A blend of bourbon whiskeys with a well-balanced montage of flavor notes from the rum, cognac, sherry and maple syrup barrels in which the spirit was aged. The Four Cask allows the delicate notes of the 70% Manabi to sing. It takes us on a ride of flavors from rich smokey caramel notes in the spirit to bright floral aromas and sweet nutty nuances in the chocolate.

3. Woodland Gin - 70% Los Rios Virgin
First, close your eyes and breathe in the aroma of the Woodland Gin. It's incredibly aromatic with herbaceous and citrus notes. Like the 85%, the 70% Los Rios is a virgin chocolate that is complex with flavor notes of tart, green apples and bitter citrus like grapefruit. The Gin rounds out the tannins in the virgin chocolate and highlights the bright, green fruity nuance of the chocolate.

4. Rye Whiskey finished in Rum Barrels - 64% Fortaleza
This incredibly smooth Rye Whiskey evokes rich flavors of smoky vanilla and oily nuts like cashew and macadamia. Subtle warming spice notes like cinnamon and clove appear but don't linger too long. Other tropical notes like banana and coconut come through in the finish. Perfect pairing with a fine cigar.


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