4 Piece | Single Origin Dark Chocolate Truffles

A journey into the flavors of chocolate. In this four piece box, all made from micro-batches of house-made bean to bar dark chocolate, you'll discover the wide variety of flavors of cacao hailing from Jamaica, Venezuela, Columbia, and Peru.

Flavor notes

Jamaica - Rum, Raisin, Earthy

Venezuela - Floral, Cream, Tamarind

Colombia - Citrus, Biscuit, Dried fruit

Peru - Tart Berries, Walnut, Bright

This series of micro-batch chocolate truffles features direct trade beans from around the world made into chocolate right here in our shop. We love supporting small scale cacao farmers and sharing our passion for this incredible food. Get them while they last - each batch will only be available in limited quantities. Enjoy the exploration of chocolate flavor!


Type: Truffles