2023 Valentine's Day Chocolates (6 pc)

We had fun creating and refining the recipes for our 2023 Valentine's Day box and we hope you love it! As usual we're featuring a couple of local foodie pals - Hot honey from Sleeping Bear Farms and black currant vinegar from Fustini's - plus vanilla from Madagascar by the good folks at Sava Trading. And 😉😉 Sarah Gale says the caramel pretzel gianduja might be her new favorite chocolate. :-)

Here's the line-up: Hot Honey featuring Sleeping Bear Farms, Madagascar Vanilla Bean with vanilla from Sava Trading, Blueberry Black Currant featuring Fustini's Vinegar, Almond Buttercrunch, Brown Sugar Plantain, Caramel Pretzel Gianduja

This collection will ship the week of February 6th. If you're purchasing other items in addition to the Valentine's chocolates, we will ship everything together.


*Flat rate shipping in Michigan $10.99.

*Flat rate shipping nationwide $15.99.