Cacao + Chocolate Cocktail Kit

You like cocktails. We like cocktails. So let's make amazing cocktails together! While you're making your cocktail, you can enjoy a four piece box of whiskey truffles featuring Iron Fish's Maple Bourbon Whiskey!

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Included in this kit:

10 oz Cacao Nibs.

4 piece whiskey truffles.

To make Iron Fish Stay Put Stout Old Fashion:

2 oz Iron Fish Bourbon Whiskey Finished in Stout Casks

1/4 oz Cacao Nib Infused Simple Syrup

3-4 Dashes Orange Bitters (or) Aromatic Bitters

Garnish with Orange Peel (torching optional)


Simple Syrup Recipe:

1 Cup of Sugar.

1 Cup of Water.

1/2 Cup of Cacao Nibs. 



Bring water and sugar to a boil. Dissolve sugar completely. Add cacao nibs and allow to simmer for 5-10 minutes. Let cool. Strain out the cacao nibs.



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