(3) 70% Dark Chocolate Bar Tasting Bundle, Ecuadorian Direct Trade

This bundle includes three of our 70% dark chocolate bars from Ecuador, each hailing from a different province and featuring direct trade, single province chocolate (vegan and soy free). These bars represent the wide range of flavor and aromas found in cacao and chocolate in Ecuador (and throughout the world). All of these chocolates are made from the prized Nacional cacao variety, hailing from the Amazon basin, and known for complex fruity flavors and floral aromas. 

70% Esmeraldas (coastal province near Colombia) - Our most cocoa forward chocolate with notes of banana and dried stone fruit. 

70% Manabi (coastal province in Central Ecuador) - A delicate chocolate that explodes with flavor as it sits in your mouth. We taste bright tropical notes like lychee, clear nutty flavors and a delicate white flower aroma. 

70% Los Rios (province nearest port city of Guayaquil) - This chocolate undergoes an extended fermentation and flash roasting to preserve the flavors on the cacao. We taste bright, fresh notes like green apple and white grape and there's a distinct aroma of white flowers like jasmine. 

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