Three DIY Valentine's Day Gifts

Nothing says Valentine’s Day like chocolate. And while we have a whole lineup of VDay treats for your favorite people in life, there is something extra special about a homemade gift to show someone how much you care about them. 

We’ve gathered three great ideas for DIY Valentine’s Day gifts that you can put your very own twist on, complete with all the instructions you need to bring them to reality! All of these recipes are best made with your favorite of our chocolate discs - the perfect chocolate for baking, nibbling and confection-making. 

Homemade Chocolate Bark

Chocolate bark is incredibly simple to make, satisfying to all and forever flexible for incorporating your favorite flavors and toppings. Follow our instructions for homemade chocolate bark and choose from one of the flavor options we suggest, or infuse the chocolate with your favorite flavors and top with something crunchy, flavorful or simply pretty!



Homemade Rustic Truffles 

Truffles and bonbons sold in chocolate shops may feel like they require years of experience in perfecting technique, but the simplest version of truffles are easy to make at home. And what could make a better gift than a box of chocolates you made yourself? Follow our instructions for how to make truffles at home to get creative and make something that is sure to impress!

Hot Chocolate Bombs 
February is the perfect time of year to cozy up with a mug of hot chocolate and creating a hot chocolate bomb is a great way to make the experience a little more fun! The shells can be made with white chocolate, milk chocolate or dark chocolate to fit your tastes and look. And we definitely recommend filling them with our drinking chocolate mix. From there, you can dress them up however you please. Tuck some marshmallows inside, add a little spice for a unique flavor, or top them with your favorite pink and red sprinkles! 
This guide from The Kitchn offers step by step instructions for making hot chocolate bombs. 

If you decide to make something from this list for your sweetie this Valentine’s Day, we’d love to see the results! Tag us on social media @grocersdaughter.