Brownies & Blondies (V/GF options too)

The only reason we'll turn on the oven during this scorching hot early June in Northern Michigan is to celebrate all the great Dad's out there! And we have 3 very tasty recipes for you to try, sure to please every Papa's palette.

Does your Dad love banana bread? Check out Aubrey's vegan brownies with bananas and nut butter. Gluten allergies? Try Christina's Almond Flour Brownies. Is your Dad a coffee lover? Jody's take on Sarah Kieffer's Coffee Blonde Brownies are delicious!

Ready to get baking? 

Coffee Blonde Brownies 

I've been drooling over Sarah Kieffer's recipes for a long time and I was looking for a more 'summery' take on traditional brownies for our Father's Day team baking project, so her Coffee Blonde Brownies were an easy choice. These are chewy and delicious plus they combine two of my favorite things, which were clearly made for each other, chocolate and coffee.
I made a few small changes to the recipe. I used raw walnuts instead of roasted pecans because it's what I had on hand and I like the hint of bitterness imparted by the raw nuts.  I increased the chocolate to 1 full cup (why not?) and used 1/2 cup Pichincha milk chocolate discs and 1/2 cup 64% Fortaleza dark chocolate discs. After tasting the melted butter and brown sugar mixture, I added 2 extra tablespoons of coffee (we suggest supporting coffee from a local roaster like Higher Grounds Trading Co or consider supporting a coffee roasted at origin like Coffee Connection in Colombia).  That's it! These are scrumptious.

Almond Flour Brownies 

Get the recipe Christina used from Food & Wine.

I've been trying to flex my gluten free baking muscles and brownies seemed like the perfect opportunity to try something new. Unless you're going for something really cakey, brownies require very little flour. This means they're pretty darn easy to make gluten free without sacrificing any of the texture. 

I made this recipe with 70% Esmeraldas discs and the flavor was perfect. I also swapped out the vanilla for just a quarter teaspoon of a high quality almond extract to bring out that almond flavor a little more. Stick with the vanilla if you want a classic chocolate brownie though! 

These almond flour brownies are the perfect texture. Fudgey without being too dense. Good luck keeping them around for long! 

Flourless Vegan Brownies

Get the recipe Aubrey used on Pinterest.

If you're hoping to make your Daddio a brownie he can feel good about eating, these are packed with bananas and nut butter, and aren't overly sweet. Even better? They're incredibly easy and quick to make, so you can gift your favorite Daddio something healthy and delicious!

If you go for this recipe, do add the optional chocolate discs - they really take them to the next level! For the nut butter, we love Naturally Nutty almond and peanut butters but take this recipe to the next level with our Chocolate Sunbutteror Hazelnut Chocolate Spread.