Handcrafted Chocolate

The best chocolate in the world comes from a skilled hand and a grateful heart. At Grocer’s Daughter Chocolate we are choosey chocolatiers. We take great pride in offering you the highest quality chocolate, complemented by subtle flavors of local and/or organic herbs, fruits, nuts and spices.

Most of our chocolate hails from Ecuador, a country we visit at least once each year in our effort to develop deeper relationships with our importers and producers partners. We also source exquisite Colombian and Venezuelan chocolates for their unique flavor and texture dimensions.

Long before chocolate ever reaches export the practiced hand of the farmer stewards the cacao.

    In the vivero( ‘nursery’), a selection of only the finest cacao beans becomes sprouts for future trees
    In the cacao parcels, the soil is meticulously maintained with organic compost. Cacao trees are carefully pruned and interspersed with other trees which provide shade and fruit. The farmers take great care to ‘clean’ their fields, nurturing the beneficial shade and companion plants.
    During harvest, a farmer returns to her field daily to handpick only the perfectly ripe cacao pods
    The beans are removed from the pod, fermented and dried to be readied for export. Each of these steps is completed with great care so that the natural sugars of the beans are preserved.

The beans are then processed for export which involves roasting, winnowing, grinding, pressing the nibs (inside of the cacao beans) to produce cocoa mass or ‘cocoa liquor’ and conching. At this point, the cocoa butter may be extracted. Learn more about this process at the World Cocao Foundation.

This is when the fun begins for our intrepid team of chocolatiers here at Grocer’s Daughter Chocolate! The couverture (bulk chocolate) arrives to us in discs or kilogram bars. We temper the chocolate to perfection. The shine, the delicate snap, the full flavor: these are all characteristics of a good temper.

On any given day you’ll find our chocolate-makers in deep chocolate meditation preparing decadent ganache balls (over 30 all-natural flavors), dipping/decorating truffles, salting caramels, muddling herbs and molding bars.

Want to learn more about chocolate? Sign up for one of our chocolate tasting or truffle-making classes.

Stop in the shop for a taste of our heart-made, handcrafted chocolate or order online. We look forward to serving you

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