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Mimi newletter picGrocer’s Daughter Chocolate original founder & owner, Mimi Wheeler, is the original “Grocer’s Daughter”. She was raised in rural Denmark above the village grocery owned by her parents. Her mother, Marie Louise, inspired her love of community which translated into respect and warmth toward her customers and a commitment to make each visit a meaningful experience. Now the Grocer’s Daughter Chocolate staff are eager to share with you their passion for chocolate—from seed to source—while transforming the bitter cacao bean into scrumptious delights.

Our passion for exceptional chocolate extends beyond the shop to our community, the small-scale farmers who grow our cacao and the natural landscape that inspires our recipes.

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Great chocolate starts with great people. We practice sustainable sourcing by building relationships with our importers and by purchasing fairly traded cacao.  We are committed to paying “more than it’s worth on the commodity trading platforms” because our importers and farmers deserve to make a fair livelihood for their families. By purchasing couverture at a fair price from people we know and trust, we can deliver you a great chocolate and we can deliver them a little piece of mind.

Our chocolates our extra special because we add a pinch of Northern Michigan. Local and/or organic dairy products, herbs and edible flowers come straight from our gardens. Honey, maple syrup, berries and loads of other local/organic fruit & nuts are used whenever possible.

Finally, whenever possible we choose eco-friendly packaging, from compostable  bags to gift packaging made in the USA with 100% recycled fibers. All businesses have an impact. We’re doing our best to minimize ours.

Shop online now, or visit our shop in Empire, MI, or our new location in Grand Rapids!

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